Our Olives

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Our factory located in Achinos Stilida, produces and packages our Greek Olives. Our factory is perfectly located, in fertile area, situated close to Lamia, surrounded by thousands of acres of olive groves. One of the key olive varieties that our factory produces is the world famous Kalamata olive as well as other varieties ranging from green Amfisas, Halkidikis, to large black colossal and others. Kalamata olives represent the factories largest production.

Our well-seasoned experts are able to help develop brine solutions that meet our customers’ requirements and expectations. We do not have a ‘one size fits all mentality’ regarding our brines. Because we sell our olives worldwide, we need to carefully develop these brines that suit the regional preferred tastes and specifications.  

Our packaging formats include

1.5 L, 2.0 L, 3.0 L – PET Jars. These are traditionally for retail sizes.

3.0 L PET, 10-12 KG d/w Plastic containers. These are traditionally for food service sizes.

200 L drums – These are traditionally for food manufacturing – Industrial sizes.

A 10 Tins (6 x 2.84 L) – Sliced green, Black and whole- These are traditionally for food service & food manufacturing. 


The sizes listed are for most of the olives we offer – depending on the specific varieties.

Our Factory is also equipped with the latest industrial machines that are able to offer pitted olives as well as sliced olives. These specialty formats are offered in most of the variety of olives offered and packaging formats.