Our Production


Our modern techniques and our traditional know how allow us to offer an excellent natural product that is P.D.O. Messara certified. Our olive mill is located in Crete's Messara Valley, Southern region of Crete.  Thanks to our abundant access to the highest quality raw material as well as to our high bottling capacity, our modern olive mill can produce large quantities of P.D.O. Messara Extra-Virgin Olive Oil to meet reliably all of our exporting needs.

Quality Control is assured by current E.U. and International Olive Oil Board certified laboratories, and our mill is certified ISO 22000 and IFS.

With regards to our Organic extra-virgin olive oil production, our oils are certified by BIO HELLAS. BIO HELLAS is considered as one of the top ten Inspections and Certification Bodies worldwide.


Our factory located in Achinos Stilida, produces and packages our Greek Olives. This fertile area, situated close to Lamia, is surrounded by thousands of acres of olive groves.

With the experience of three generations combined with an exceptional quality of olives, we are able to offer premium products. All of our olives are cultivated on the mainland and, in fall, are carefully selected to ensure the best possible olive sizes and categories. All of our products are 100% natural and offer perfect olive appearance and great tastes.

The olives are processed in our modern processing facility by our well-seasoned experts and are cured with our distinctive brines using sea salt, balsamic vinegars and of course extra virgin olive oil. This ensures the most wonderful taste in each of our olives.


Our organic olives are farmed in a way that considerably limits the usage of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Our Organic Olives are certified by BIO HELLAS.